About Us

Owner of Tiny Scholars Daycare
Teresa Kaufman

I started Tiny Scholars Daycare so my daughter would have an opportunity to learn Mandarin and her Chinese heritage. My family immigrated to Los Angeles from Taiwan when I was 3 years old and my husband does not speak Mandarin. I knew early on that it was important for my daughter to learn Chinese, 1) so she could communicate with my parents and relatives in Taiwan and 2) so she could have more opportunities in our globalizing economy.

Prior to taking an extended maternity leave, I was the Lead Teacher for the Gold Fish classroom at Beach Babies, a well-established childcare program in the South Bay. Having considered enrolling my daughter and returning to work sparked my research in finding a Chinese preschool and then taking the steps to starting my own. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and a strong background in Early Childhood Education with over 30 completed units. I am first aid & CPR certified by the American Red Cross.


Kelly Shen





現在,我何其有幸,有機會在Tiny Scholars Daycare精心設計的中英雙語學習環境中,為孩子的中文領域播種、耕耘、給予鼓勵!!  我非常期待著:  看見我們的孩子開心學中文,並且一天天更進步!!

Chinese is my native language and it is also my passion ever since elementary school. While majoring in Foreign Languages during my college education, I enjoyed Chinese Language Art courses and worked as a translator.  I continued to work as a translation contractor after college while working full time in a Children’s Education and Development TV Program.

As the TV show hostess, I worked in the Children’s TV program for many years in Taiwan (Republic of China).  Our program was shown on one of the three major national TV channel weekly.  I believe that my passion for Chinese as a language art and my pronunciation was what qualified me for the position.  Not only did I love my job and the challenges in the TV program, I discovered that I really enjoyed the connections with children.  With so much exposure to teachers and educators, I was given the opportunity to build a solid foundation in my work experience in children’s development and education.

With the birth of my two kids in US, I hoped to build a bi-lingual rich environment for my kids to learn Chinese.  In an English dominant country, I started to make plans from day one to build a Chinese-rich environment for them to learn and interact in.  The process took time because it is simply not just providing the material but also figuring out the best way to interact with children.  There were much singing, stories, counting, reading, or simply talking about what cartoon they love the most.  Every kid is different and I enjoy my time with them and seeing them grow and improve in all aspect of life.  I know that one of my best gifts to them is to develop that multi-lingual skill as they grow up.

Today, I share many tips and ideas with many other Chinese speaking parents in our home school.  These parents are curious and they are hopeful to provide that same environment for their family.  Tiny Scholars Daycare is now providing that opportunity for me to share my experience and ideas with the parents who hope to have that multi-lingual rich environment.  Whether it’s from my education or my experience, I love kids and I have the passion for Chinese as language art.  Nothing makes a parent or teacher more proud than to see a seed that they planted within a child grows and develop.



Erica Stewart

My name is Erica and I was born and raised here in the South Bay Area. Growing up I new I wanted to work with children, volunteering my vacations to kindergarten and special need classes as an assistant to teachers during elementary and middle school. These experiences have led me to have a great admiration to teachers as well as a compassion for children and education itself. I also offered tutoring elementary children after school during high school, working one-on-one with students on homework and working on specific areas of improvement the child needed. I enjoy one-on-one and small group lessons because they help empower my instruction as an assistant educator which will help me in the long run as an educator. I am first aid & CPR certified by the American Red Cross.